Get my website link on this site?

To provide customers quick and easy access to useful resources that are consistent with the County’s mission, and to avoid any perception that the County endorses or provides favorable treatment to any private person or entity, the County is limiting linking to external websites from within the County website

Allowed Links

The following types of links will be allowed from the County website:

  • Organizations that provide services directly to the public on behalf of the Liberty County government pursuant to a written agreement with the County
  • Federal, state, regional or local governments, their political subdivisions and the local school board
  • Organizations to which Liberty County appropriates public funds
  • National, state and regional boards, authorities, commission, councils and consortiums on which Liberty County has representation
  • Resources purchased by Liberty County for educational purposes (Link must be directly to the resource.)
  • Organizations providing online services for handling Liberty County courts matters
  • Foundations established by Liberty County
  • Organizations in which Liberty County is a member organization
  • Hospitals located in Liberty County (Link must be to those segments that provide health services.)
  • Liberty County Economic Development Authority
  • Liberty County Water Authority
  • Liberty County Public Law Library
  • Liberty County Citizen Corps
  • Organizations listed in the Human Services Resource Guide (Link must be from within the guide.)
  • Liberty County fire stations

If your organization or agency meets the criteria, please send an email to Clint Stanley and request your link be included on the County website. The Liberty County Information Technology Department will review your page’s content and verify that it meets the requirements of our linkage policy. You will be notified by email if your link request has been approved or rejected.

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